Hopkins Leads Great Cast In Powerful ‘One Life’


Nicholas Winton is an ordinary person. That’s how he describes himself and the efforts he and his colleagues are undertaking. It’s 1938, a month after Kristallnacht, and less than a […]

A Multi-Faceted, Multicultural Memoir


I have always loved memoirs, ever since I read Marley & Me in fifth grade, which has remained my favorite book ever since. In particular, I love celebrity memoirs, having […]

Therapy Couch Potato


According to the World Health Organization, the COVID-19 pandemic triggered a “25% increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide.” They said it was a wake-up call to the […]

Is Ye the New Wagner?


I don’t like him for obvious reasons,” my friend, a Jewish trombonist, told me. “But, for you, I will play Wagner because unfortunately I had to learn ‘The Ride’,”  she […]

‘Armageddon Time’ Has Stars, But Is Otherwise Unsatisfying


For his 8th feature film, director James Grey, doing double duty as writer and director, leaves outer space (Ad Astra) and Brooklyn (Little Odessa; Two Lovers) for Queens, where he […]