Sprinkle It Sweet Shop Is Sprinkled With Creativity


Janna Kleineman, owner and creator of Sprinkle It, opened her business in August of last year. Inspired by her love for baking, the support of her three daughters and her […]

Who The Folk?! Keith Shifrin


Keith Shifrin had been plugging away in the marketing world for 25 years when he said to a friend that he wished he had a job where he could play […]

The Quest For The Perfect Challah


“Nu?” He had taken a bite and was chewing slowly. I was waiting impatiently for him to give his first impression. “It’s good,” he said slowly. “’Good?’ What does ‘good’ […]

U Student Details On-Campus Antisemitism


Elise Long thought that, maybe, going to class at the University of Minnesota would give her some respite from the awfulness she watched unfold in the hours after Israel was […]