Who The Folk?! Peter Grendle


Peter Grendle comes to the Minnesota JCC to be the new senior director of Jewish arts and culture with a career working in film – helpful as the Twin Cities […]

Who The Folk?! Laurel Hood


Laurel Hood is running for school board in the St. Anthony-New Brighton Independent School District 282, and that path may just have started in Duluth when she was a high […]

Who The Folk?! Terri Lindenbaum


It’s been a heavy couple of weeks, so for this week’s Who The Folk?!, we opt for a little levity and a lot of randomness with Terri Lindenbaum, who among other […]

Who The Folk?! Adi Yeshaya


Growing up in Israel, Adi Yeshaya’s parents thought he wasn’t taking his music lessons seriously. The fact of the matter was that he just picked it up so quickly. Yeshaya […]

Who The Folk?! Serena Brook


Growing up in Minneapolis at Shir Tikvah Congregation, Serena Brook saw a diverse Jewish community. As she takes the stage for the first time at Theater Latte Da, she gets […]

Who The Folk?! Ian Rosenthal


During the 2008 financial crisis, Ian Rosenthal nearly saw first-hand what it would be like to be unhoused. Watching their family nearly lose their house helped lead Rosenthal to their […]

Who The Folk?! Rabbi Joey Glick


Rabbi Joey Glick had once said in a social media post that his socks got wet once in “mud season” and what followed was Shir Tikvah congregants concerned about whether […]

Who The Folk?! Joel Glaser


Joel Glaser spent time doing what many who work in television do: move often to smaller communities. After years of bouncing around, Glaser moved to the sales side of media, […]

Who The Folk?! Michelle Horovitz


Being part of community gathering spaces has long been at the center of Michelle Horovitz’s professional life. And her newest venture is no different. Horovitz is the co-founder of Forma, […]

Who The Folk?! Michael Arato


How long after camp ends does the year-round staff give themselves until they start thinking about the next summer? For Herzl Camp‘s Michael Arato, jotting down notes and thinking ahead […]