The Pandemic Tunnel


My prayer is that we see all the lights along the way.

The Road To Freedom Isn’t An Easy One


I dedicate these words to our neighbor George Floyd (z”l), may his memory be for a revolution.  A new Pharaoh rose up over Egypt who knew not Joseph. Now, when […]

MRA Statement On Loosening COVID Restrictions


On a call earlier this week with the Minnesota Department of Health, hundreds of faith leaders across our great state were reminded by MDH about COVID precautions: “We are about […]

The Naked Truth about Chanukah


On the early morning of July 18, a protestor in Portland dubbed “Naked Athena,” wearing only a hat and facemask, approached the police at SW 3rd and Taylor. Though some […]

One Day More


We are about to embark on the season of gratitude and the season of miracles.

But Really, Why Honey?


We dip in honey to force ourselves to pause and we find the symbolic honey in our own life.

An Inspiring Ninth of Av


Jewish sleepaway camp provided many of today’s adults with their first Tisha B’Av experience. There they sat on the floor of the Beit Am (communal building), watched interpretive dance, listened to the camp […]