Mussar: Drawing Strength from Our History

Join rabbinic student, Jewish educator and Mussar facilitator Naomi Wittlin as she enlivens the fascinating history of the Mussar movement.

Session 1 • The Origins and Personalities that Shaped the Modern Mussar Movement

Rav Yisrael Salanter revitalized classic Mussar texts as springboards to active self-scrutiny and practical change. From his disciples evolved three schools of thought in Lithuania, each with a unique voice and characteristics. Join us to hear compelling stories about Rav Yisrael and the unique Mussar methods of his students – all of which shaped nineteenth and twentieth Lithuanian Jewry and the Mussar we practice today.

Session 2 • Mussar as a Tool for Life’s Trials: Pillars of Resilience During Times of Crisis

The third- and fourth-generation Ba’alei Mussar (Mussar Masters) saw the destruction of Jewish settlement in Eastern Europe, when Jews suffered the harshest fate. These leaders gave us shining examples of how to apply Torah values to current times. We will hear stories about how they noticed the preciousness of every moment, acted with utmost humility, and revealed their authenticity most poignantly in the face of death.


June 27
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm
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