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Meir Bargeron endeavors to do his part to repair the world, one conversation or relationship at a time -- but tries not to think about it that way because that would be totally overwhelming. He is a non-profit leader, a clinical social worker, and writes about things that are on his mind. These days, Meir spends a lot of time thinking about living Jewishly and living well. He loves to read blog-post comments and hopes that you tell him what you're thinking about. Meir is a member of Shir Tikvah, and has a private psychotherapy practice in the Twin Cities. More information is available at

Shabbat: A Time for Life


Whether you consider yourself shomer Shabbat or “nowhere” Shabbat, setting aside a day every week for rest, refreshment and reflection is beneficial. It’s not just good for your spirit; it also supports good, healthy living.

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