What the Bleep? This week's news

Illegal to be Jewish?

A lot of crazy #&#%$* happens in the Jewish world each week. Don’t miss these stories on circumcision bans, swastika graffiti, Rudy Boschwitz’s legal troubles, the IDF on Facebook, and a chance to trade bibles for porn.
1. “Massachusetts Lawmakers Asked to Ban Infant Male Circumcision.” What the %&$*#! Thank goodness not a single Massachusetts Lawmaker has signed on to co-sponsor this bill that would, um, make being a Jew illegal. Read the bill if you think you can handle it – warning, it’s not for queasy stomachs or small children.
2. “Home Valu: New Criminal Investigation.” Uh oh. Former Senator (and MOT) Rudy Boschwitz is in trouble. The home improvement chain he founded is being sued by dozens of subcontractors accusing the company of collecting thousands of dollars from customers and then not paying the subs that completed the jobs. Great. Another Jew making the news for accusations of swindling. Folks – this doesn’t help our reputation! Seriously.
3. “IDF Operation Canceled Due to Facebook Status.” Think all Jews are smart? Check out this now-imprisoned bozo. An Israeli soldier informs his friends on FB that his secret battalion is headed towards a specific Palestinian village. Luckily somehow the IDF got wind of this (they know everything, really), called off the operation and locked up the soldier. Supposedly this isn’t the first time one of their soldiers has put his comrades at risk by FBing or tweeting. Fabulous.
4. Smut for Smut: College Students Trading Bibles for Porn. Hmmm… College students equating the story of Moses with Playboy? Not really sure I get the point of doing so, other than really pissing people off, but you have to admit it’s ballsy. And makes for a great news headline.
5. Hate Crime on Campus. A Jewish student at UC Davis gets a swastika carved into their dorm room door. Excuse me? Who the F— carves a swastika into someone’s door? Another reason – after the glorious, sunny, wonderful weather they’re having while we’re freezing our tushes off – to hate Californians.
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)