MinnPost's Eric Black dishes on Helen Thomas and lsrael's Right to Exist

Eric Black on MinnPost.com

In case you missed it, yesterday the nonprofit Minnesota news site MinnPost.com‘s fabulous politico writer Eric Black jumped into the fray over the Gaza Flotillas, Helen Thomas’s anti-Semitism, and the broader questions all this politics raises about Israel’s right to exist in his article “Helen Thomas’ comments on Israel raise a fundamental question.”
It was a hell of a piece. Black was pro-Israel and yet willing to rustle with some aspects of the problems between Israelis and Palestinians (like the fact that Palestinians consider the creation of Israel to be a “catastrophe”) that pro-Israel writers usually don’t even dare to mention.
Here are a few snapshots, but I highly recommend you head over to MinnPost to read Black’s article in full. While you’re there, join the battle of the words in the comments to his piece.
Black writes:

I’m Jewish and I support Israel’s existence. I try to avoid the common phrase “right to exist.” Doesn’t work for me. What does it mean, exactly, and who gets to decide who else, or which other country, has a right to exist? . . .

When I say I support Israel’s existence I mean I think that — on balance and ignoring for the moment many important details and sub-arguments — after the centuries of persecution of the Jews in many lands after they lost their own, topped off by the unspeakable barbarity and evil efficacy of the Holocaust, it seemed necessary (at least to the Jews) for the Jews to have a land in which they were guaranteed refuge and decent treatment.  . . .

But the creation of Israel has turned out to be a catastrophe — al-Nakba— for the group that the world now knows as the Palestinian Arabs. (Let’s note here, without trying to settle it, the argument that the catastrophe has many elements of self-infliction. There are only so many arguments I can have with myself in the course of one measly post that started out to be about Helen Thomas.) . . . If I was Palestinian, I would probably believe that Israel does not need to exist, if its existence amounts to mitigating the Jewish catastrophe by substituting a Palestinian catastrophe.

Woah! So what are you waiting over? Go read the whole piece, get mad, get proud, get whatever. And then make your voices heard.

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