Jews in the 'Burbs

Are you a Jew living in Albertville, Brooklyn Park, Champlin, Corcoran, Elk River, Maple Grove, Medina, Osseo, Plymouth or St. Michael, MN?
Bueller? Bueller?
I know there have got to be a few of you from those Northwestern ‘burbs reading this post.
If you’re one of those special few Jews who moved out to the NW Metro looking for… lots of land… quiet…. good schools… and a reprieve from city life, there is good news! You don’t HAVE to be removed from the Jewish community as well – it’s coming to you.
This week, a handful of Jews in the Northwestern suburbs kicked off an effort to start a new Jewish group in the area to meet the needs of local Jews who don’t want to shlep to the rest of the Metro area in order to be Jewish with other Jewish folk. Long term goals include opening a pre-school/daycare. Short term goals are to gauge interest and build a membership among “singles, couples, young families, mixed families, the unaffiliated, and anyone looking to reconnect with their Jewish faith or explore the Jewish faith.”
Here is the group’s Top Ten List of why you should join their community. Join if you are:

  1. Tired of fighting traffic to get to services/events elsewhere
  2. Looking for an alternative to the other Jewish organizations (big box Judaism) around town
  3. Unaffiliated or just not feeling very Jewish lately
  4. Want to play a part in something new and exciting with potential for growth
  5. Feel the need to establish a Jewish organization in the Plymouth/Maple Grove area
  6. Want to meet new, exciting Jewish people in my area
  7. Be part of an organization with bottom up, not top down, leadership
  8. I hate the name and want to participate in the naming contest
  9. I’ve always wanted to be part of the creation and development of a community organization
  10. Because they say it won’t work.

If any of those things rang a bell for you, join their Facebook group, or sign up to attend their first event, a barbecue on August 8th in Plymouth.