Jewish 20 and 30somethings—Your Stories Wanted!

This is a guest post by Stefanie Pervos, Associate Editor, JUF New and the Founding Editor and Blogger-in-Chief of Oy!Chicago.
Are you a Jewish 20 or 30something with a story to tell? Do you want to be part of a collection of voices that together tell the unique story of our generation?
“Living Jewishly: A snapshot of a generation,” is a collection of personal essays and memoirs from Jewish 20 and 30-somethings from across the country—think Chicken Soup for the Jewish Soul meets Jewcy.
But in order to share our generation’s story, I need your help!
My name is Stefanie Pervos and I am the founding editor of Oy!Chicago ( and the associate editor of JUF News in Chicago. I am also a student in the Spertus Institute’s Master of Arts in Jewish Professional Studies program and “Living Jewishly: A snapshot of a generation” is my final project. My hope is that each piece will be a window into how we express our Judaism and our voices together will tell a complete story. The essays will be framed with an introduction encompassing some of the research I’ve done about what it means to be a Jewish 20 or 30something in America today. As a collection, the essays will appear online, and ultimately, my goal is a published anthology.
If you have something you’ve already written for a publication or blog that you think fits the bill, or you want to write an original piece (700 words minimum) please submit it to me at [email protected] by Oct. 4th. Know someone who would be a great contributor? Feel free to put them in contact with me as well.
(Photo: Masa Israel)