Your Primer for Minnesota's 2010 Elections: Our Representatives' Statements on Israel

Voting is PatrioticOver the past year, several of our Minnesota Congressional Representatives have given statements on Israel, on Gaza, and on Iran to TC Jewfolk. Guided by our belief in the importance of an informed electorate, and to help you prepare for the coming elections on November 2nd, we thought we would round up all of those statements in one convenient place, for your easy reference. We figure that you can get all sorts of other information on our representatives’ positions anywhere else, but you can only get this stuff here.

Enjoy the reading, and please get out and vote on November 2nd!

(Statements arranged in order by district. Some districts were excluded due to the unavailability of their statement.)

PLEASE NOTE: This is not intended to be an endorsement of any of these sitting Representatives or of their challengers. Our aim is to share information, not to endorse candidates. We are publishing all statements that have been given to us.

1st District – Representative Tim Walz

“We always look forward to [the AIPAC Policy Conference]… We talk about issues. People provide me with good information who are experts on the United States and Israel. We have candid conversations with 90 perceent commonality on purpose. Especially now when there is a little tension in the relationship, it’s important to hear what people are thinking”
Supporting Israel is not a Democratic or a Republican issue, said Walz. “Israel is our truest and closest ally in the region, with a commitment to values of personal freedoms and liberties, surrounded by a pretty tough neighborhood. A workable solution in that region can be a catalyst for stability throughout the region. And stability in the region brings stability throughout the world. The United States has a proper role as a world leader being part of the solution.”

– From: An inside look at the pro-Israel AIPAC conference

2nd District – Representative John Kline

“[This is] a critical time in the U.S.-Israel relationship. Despite a long history of strong and mutually beneficial ties between our two nations, recent statements by the Administration have cast doubt as to their support for Israel’s efforts to protect and defend herself from her enemies.
Israel cannot unilaterally achieve stability in the Middle East– a stability that ultimately bolsters the security of the United States.  We must be unequivocal in communicating to Israel – and the world – that the United States remains a steadfast ally and partner in peace.
I welcome the discussions this conference will bring to the forefront of the national dialogue and pledge my continued strong support for a strong U.S.-Israel relationship.”
– From: First Report from AIPAC: “Are We There Yet?”

3rd District – Representative Erik Paulsen

Jenna Mitelman’s interview with Representative Erik Paulsen


– From: Paulsen on Sanctions: Congress is on Board, but Where’s Obama?

5th District – Representative Keith Ellison

Leora Maccabee’s interview with Representative Keith Ellison

(Part one below, click here for parts two and three)


– From: Back from Israel, Ellison says America needs to get more “hands on”

6th District – Representative Michelle Bachmann

“I have been a long time supporter of Israel. The first time I went to Israel was the day I graduated from high school. I spent a summer working on Kibbutz Be’eri near Beer Sheva in 1974. I’ve been 4 times in Israel – 3 times as a Member of Congress. I loved Israel – from the moment I first landed.
As a young girl from Anoka, I was shocked at the level of security in Israel.
We worked on the kibbutz from 4 am to noon. We were always accompanied by soldiers with machine guns. While we were working, the soldiers were walking around looking for land mines. I really learned a lot in Israel.
I was delighted to go back as a Member of Congress, and see all the changes. To see how it has developed – it is nothing short of a miracle! To see a rose bloom in the desert. In 60 years, Israel has achieved first world, or nearly first world, status.
I am honored to be in a position where I can help Israel. I have a tremendous love for Israel, and great admiration for the Israeli people. I am a Christian, but I consider my heritage Jewish, because it is the foundation, the roots of my faith as a Christian.

Iran is a very serious situation. With each day that we’ve failed to have sanctions, our choice is more difficult. Iran has been an aggressor. It has been unwilling to deal diplomatically with the issue. We need to be apprised [of the situation] and not underestimate the intent of the leaders [of Iran] to do damage to the United States and our friend Israel.
Israel has always been a friend to the United States, and in the United States, it is in our best interest to maintain that stability, for democracy.
– From: Michele Bachmann on her love for Israel, and considering herself Jewish

Please get out and vote on November 2nd!

Our apologies to 4th District Representative Betty McCollum, 7th District Representative Collin Peterson, and 8th District Representative Jim Oberstar. There was no editorial decision to not include them. They have simply never given a statement to TC Jewfolk. We hope to have a full roster of statements in time for the 2012 elections.
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