Seriously? MSP Not a Top Jewish Metro?

Last week, The Daily Beast published a list of America’s 30 Most Jewish Cities and sadly, the Twin Cities were not represented. The list was based on three criteria:

  1. Jewish percentage of the city’s population
  2. Number of synagogues per capita
  3. Number of Kosher restaurants

Like most similar types of lists, this one is also heavily flawed. It certainly takes into account the quantity of Judaism in America’s cities, but not the overall quality. From what I have seen in my 2+ years of living here, the TC has a very vibrant Jewish community. I can’t imagine that Pittsfield, MA can do better. I wonder what the Jdate scene is like in Portland, ME. Too many lobsters I bet. And I can’t seem to find a
So what gives? Do we belong on the list or what? Maybe if we had a real deli

Let’s discuss: What would YOUR criteria be for a similar list? Ever visited/lived in any of the cities that made the list – do they belong on it? What do you think would be the surefire addition to get MSP on the list?

(Photo: Mark Z.)