Let’s Kibbitz: Balance? What’s That?


Ahh….. These last two weekends were the most relaxing since, well, forever.  Reading, sleeping, eating, even (shocked!) dance class at the gym. It’s amazing what a 3-day weekend can do for your BALANCE. That of course, and the fact that I wasn’t celebrating Christmas, and had a super chill and fabulous New Years with my closest friends.

Whether you partied it up all last weekend, or got a critical dose of sleepy time, three-day weekends are a great opportunity to think about how you want to live your life the rest of the year. Who do you want to spend your evenings with? When are you going to go to yoga?  And how are you going to make sure to work hard and do well at your job (or at finding a job) as we move into 2011?

Let’s Kibbitz.

Looking back at December 2010, the end of a decade (oy!), have you learned anything about how to work, live, and love your life? What advice would you share? What would you do differently? Or the same?

(Photo: tiarescott)