Join the Timberwolves for Israeli Heritage Day

This invitation is a guest post by Brian H. Davis, President of AICCMN. Mr. Davis is the CEO of CleanBiz Horizons, LLC.
Israelis live in a neighborhood which does not always appreciate them. Or tolerate their existence. Amidst the unfriendlies, Israel not only survives, but thrives socially and economically. The diverse culture of freedom provides a home to Jews and others from around the Globe. The democracy they practice (no it ain’t perfect yet) is the envy of freedom lovers, especially in the Middle East.
Because Israelis and Jews have a three thousand plus year history, rich with culture, diversity and tolerance, there is much to celebrate! Because some people do not appreciate those qualities, it is critical that we demonstrate our support in ways other than silence. Consider the United Nations latest dastardly attempt to blame Israel for the world’s problems.
A great way to engage one’s self is the March 20th Israeli Heritage Day at the Minnesota Timberwolves. The  American-Israel Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Minnesota  (AICCMN) is the initiator and key sponsor for this event.  Omri Casspi, the first Israeli NBA player, is invited to join us post-game, with other attractions, too. When Omri’s mural at the home team Sacramento King’s stadium was twice vandalized, I realized that this Israeli Heritage Day was more than just another nice idea. Stand with us and be counted!
Our AICCMN has partnered with the Timberwolves to create a fun opportunity for a “mitzvah.”  Please join us to demonstrate your support for Israeli Heritage.  Buy raffle tickets for great prizes to enjoy later including Timberwolves tickets, a team-autographed basketball and more!
The world is influenced most by those who participate. What better way to “be heard” then to bring your friends and family to this first annual celebration.
(Photo: Andersedin)