Minnesota Mamaleh: Has BIG News!

In which I share what my kitchen sink looks like on a regular basis. So yeah, no more babies.

Bite your tongue!
No, we’re not pregnant! Does it look like I could handle one more being in my care?!
Babies? No. But changes? Yes. Big ones.
It’s my birthday week. I turned the big 35 and with a little help from my friends, I’m taking this year on.
Some people come and go in our lives, hardly leaving their mark. Others carve something beautiful before they leave. And others leave behind something ugly.
And then there’s the folks that put their feet up and stay awhile.
The friends that, for better or worse, are right there by our sides when we succeed and fail. Smile and cry. Make them proud and embarrass the crap out of them.
These are the people in our keeper buckets. And I have been blessed with many keepers.
In the last year, my keepers have quite literally moved me towards change. Would it sound mean to say that they pushed me there? Rude? Crass? Wrong? Well, they did. In the very best possible way.
A new license to question things. And stretch my dreams to no end.
To become a better Mom. Teacher. Friend.
Going away for my first weekend away from my family.
Participating in my first dinner swap.
Eating my first hash brown hot dish. And liking it.
And for the record: Drinking more wine than I have in a very long time.
Several months ago I was invited to a “Craft Night” by a keeper friend. More specifically, I was invited to make a Vision Board.
Because that’s what good friends, old and new, virtual and in real life, do. They kick you in the tush and help you make your life happen.
So we put our sweeties to bed, kissed our husbands goodnight, grabbed a bottle of wine and some munchies and headed out for Craft Night.

We started with oodles of books and magazines.

We cut and sorted whatever struck our fancy, looking for themes.

And finally, we created our visions. Of how we want our lives to be.

What we wanted to focus on, work on and do.

My Vision Board

Then, we added glitter. Obviously.

We shared our visions, desires, hopes and dreams. And once they were said out loud: They became plans. Serious ones.

The girls, checking out my serious plans in the morning.

There were some aspects of my vision board that didn’t surprise me.
Being fiscally savvy. Or at the very least responsible.
Having a zen-ish home.
Authentic relationships.
Focusing on my family as a whole and Jason’s and my relationship as the heart.
I could tell those stories well.
But my top left dream? The first at attention? The one that I painstakingly cut out letters to title? Says:

Published Author: Razzle dazzle ‘em!

That was the dream at the forefront of my heart. And the one that I had the hardest time articulating because I’m terrified of change.
Of being told that I can’t.
Of failing.
But I cut those letters out one by one. And bedazzled them. So I’m doing it.
I’m writing a book. It’s about those everyday moments with children. The ones that you know you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. The ones that every fiber of your being tells you: This is right. Those spiritual moments that are outside of religion.
To commit to my goal, keep telling my story, refine my voice and to celebrate my 35th birthday (15 to 50!) I’m launching my own site: These Little Waves.
Writing Minnesota Mamaleh gave me the license to use my voice and tell my story. When I first started, I thought it was such a badass move. To you know, blog. But in retrospect, I know that it was a safe start with Emily and Leora right by my side.
So I’m keeping my Mamaleh roots as a monthly Jewish parenting column that will run right here on the first Friday of every month.
And I am spreading my wings at These Little Waves as an author site. I’m excited. Thrilled. And nervous.
Because vision board or not: I’m still terrified of change.
So I hope that at the very least, you’ll stop by to wish me a Happy Birthday. And at the very most? That you’ll stop by regularly and often and stay in my keeper bucket. Right where you belong.

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