A Purim Party? Are We 12?!

This is a guest post by Danny Sigelman, a Twin Cities native, a DJ, and a painter. And he throws a great party.
I’ll admit that was sort of my initial reaction when the idea was proposed to me. You see, for the last five years, along with Jewish Community Action, the Indie Jews and a handful of other party-loving Jews, I’ve helped host an annual party on December 24th called Jewbilee. Each year it’s become more and more popular, and this year, when we took the night off for Shabbat, there was an outcry, both inside and outside the Jewish community. People were going through Jewbilee withdrawal. The Jews needed to party.
As they sometimes say, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. Some people call Purim The Jewish Halloween, some call it The Jewish Mardi Gras. Either way, it’s an obvious choice for Jews who need to party. Since it’s been forever since I’ve been involved with a Purim Party (and never one with adult beverages), I wasn’t sure where to begin. So we’ll go with what we know, and that’s how to have a good time.
On March 19th, we’re taking over the 331 Club in Northeast Minneapolis. We’ll be bringing out the turntables and old school party jams. There will be live music and story-telling, definitely with groggers. Most importantly there will be good spirits and fun as we move from the long bitter winter into the spring and collectively unite, catch up and get down. It’s free to attend and open to everyone 21 and up who wants to celebrate. Hope to see you there!

The Purim Party is Saturday March 19 at the 331 Club. 9:30pm FREE! Costumes are optional.
The party is hosted by Indie Jews, an initiative of Jewish Community Action, and is sponsored by Jewish Community Action, Stand Up! Records, United Jewish Fund and Council, and Minneapolis Jewish Federation.