JDub Releases Free, Psychedelic Folk Shabbat Album (click for download)

It’s the weirdest Jewish music album you’re ever going to hear. But oddly alluring.
To the Seventh Sunset by Sabbapath, the digital album released today by JDub Digital Records, in JDub’s words, “remixes and re-contextualizes the traditional Friday night service” with “spirited singing, droning voices, flutes, harmonium, strum stick, guitars and autoharp to create a singular, psychedelic, celebratory freak-folk album.”
Now how often do you mix psychedelic hippy music with Shabbat songs? Never.
Does it work?  I sort of like it. It reminds me of Herzl Camp. But the music director is slightly…well…out of it…
But the great thing is, with a free 18-track album, you have the luxury of listening to it yourself without a big (or any) financial investment.
Like the album and wish you could pay something for it? Support JDub’s efforts to forge vibrant connections to Judaism through music, media and cultural events by buying one of their other awesome albums or other musical swag.
And while you’re surfing JDub’s site, or trying to get work done tomorrow in the office, listen to the the free 18-track download on JDub Records that you can get by clicking this link.  And let us know what you think of Sabbapath’s album in the comments.