St. Paul Saints: Jewish Community Day

Who: St. Paul Saints
What: They are hosting Jewish Community Day
When: Sunday June 12, 2011
Where: Midway Stadium
Why: To honor the 100th birthday of Jewish baseball legend Hank Greenberg and local Jewish athletes from the Twin Cities
Since the Twins are giving us agita, there really is no better time to head to the other baseball venue in town – Midway Stadium. Under normal circumstances, a trip to a Saints game comes with all shtick included. You know, the nun masseuse, the legless second baseman, Darryl Strawberry, and a host of other hilarious ballpark stunts.
This time, the Saints have teamed up with local community organizations to celebrate Jewish athletes in the Twin Cities. Maybe they’ll hand out pamphlets of Jewish Sports Legends (Airplane reference – I just couldn’t resist). It just so happens that earlier this year, Hank Greenberg would have celebrated his 100th birthday. The Hall of Famer is perhaps the greatest Jewish athlete of all time so why not celebrate his life?
On Jewish Community Day, the shtick will be a little more familiar to the MOT. In-between innings contests will have a Jewish twist and come with some great prizes. Kosher food will be served. In-game music by Jewish artists will be on tap – maybe some Beastie Boys or Neil Diamond I hope? I even heard a rumor that one of our own will be on hand singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame in Yiddish (Can’t get that at Target Field!).
And for those of you who might be concerned about the pig, 2011 Saints mascot Justin Bieboar has extended invitations to his kosher animal friends – so you’ll just have to head to the ballpark to see who shows up.
As always, after Sunday home games, kids are allowed to run the bases and get player autographs.
Did I mention that the Saints are one of the best deals in town? How many rides at the MOA can you get for $8?
Tickets just $8 for outfield seats, $12 for infield seats. For tickets, go to and click on June 12 or contact Lindsay Wlaschin at 952.417.2343.
Or you can go to the Saints website for more information: