Rep. Paulsen Goes to Israel: Day Three

This is a guest post by Representative Erik Paulsen (MN-03). He is in Israel this week withAIPAC and will be blogging regularly and exclusively for TC Jewfolk during his trip. Miss yesterday’s post? Read it here.
From the Desk of Erik Paulsen (MN:03):

Rep. Erik Paulsen in Israel

Today I began the morning with a visit to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial museum, which was a very moving experience. I have an even greater appreciation and understanding why the Jewish people are so intent on being able to live in safety and security.
In my short few days here I’ve seen so many situations that demonstrate how Israelis are so resilient in so many ways.
I am also better able to understand the deep, rich history here by spending time in the Old City as well as the smaller City of David by walking through a recently discovered tunnel from only about four and a half months ago.
Ended the evening having dinner with Israelis from different walks of life, including someone who works for Better Place, the electric car company founded in 2008. They’ve teamed up with Renault to create a car with a switch-out battery. Israel has a goal to break its reliance on oil for transport by 2020 and believes that goal is achievable even sooner. These cars are up and running in Israel and I checked one out tonight. They’re also building networks all across Denmark and Australia and are testing it in California and Hawaii. Stay tuned …
Erik Paulsen
Member of Congress