Rep. Paulsen Goes to Israel: Day Seven

This is a guest post by Representative Erik Paulsen (MN-03). He is in Israel this week with AIPAC and will be blogging regularly and exclusively for TC Jewfolk during his trip. This is his last post. Miss the series? Read it here.
Final update from the desk of Rep. Erik Paulsen (Mn:03):
Well, this is my last evening in Israel and I will be home soon (unless Hurricane Irene complicates things)
Some other things I did over the past few days included stops in Bethlehem and Masada, which is a historical and important symbol of victory against a strong enemy. It was at Masada (a fortress built on high cliffs by King Herod) that Jewish settlers, prior to the state of Israel, found supreme ideals of resistance in the name of faith and freedom. The photo is of me on the cliffs of Masada overlooking the Dead Sea. I even had a chance to float in the Dead Sea for a few minutes. Can’t imagine a lake like that in Minnesota!
Strangely enough, before my departure I encountered another Minnesota connection. Our final dinner included a presentation by Noam Zion, who grew up in St. Louis Park, moved to Israel in 1973, and has stayed since. His discussion was about the parallels of Jerusalem as a capitol and Washington DC as a capitol.
Well, that’s it. I know I’ve only scratched the surface here but I have an even deeper appreciation for the values shared by our two countries — especially freedom and democracy.
Erik Paulsen
Member of Congress