Top 10 Reasons to Attend the 2012 Minneapolis Jewish Film Festival

This is a guest post by Kaira Hogle, Sabes JCC Film Festival Manager.
The 19th Annual Minneapolis Jewish Film Festival kicks off on Thursday, March 15 and runs through Sunday, April 1. The MJFF is presenting 14 films over 15 days from 9 countries that include 3 comedies, 5 documentaries and 6 dramas with 8 Minnesota premieres and 1 US premiere!
Where else can you see…
10. A yet-to-be-released Hollywood film AND meet the screenwriter, Wendy Kout at the MJFF kickoff with pre-reception at the Icon Showplace at the swanky West End! Dorfman, starring Sara Rue and Elliot Gould, is a delightful comedy of an underappreciated woman who desperately needs to reinvent her life. When the opportunity arises to do just that a whirlwind adventure of new experiences sparks an unexpected personal transformation in the newly transformed city of L.A.
9. A boy who thinks he’s traveling to Australia yet ends up in Israel. My Australia, Audience Award Winner of the 2011 Jerusalem Film Festival, follows 10-year-old streetwise Tadek, as he travels from the gang-violent streets of his Catholic Poland to living in a kibbutz in Israel. Join Tadek as he discovers his origins, his sense of self and his new home in “Australia”.
8. An 82-year-old woman suspend her foot in the air over her head! U.S. Premiere, Fluchkes, proves it doesn’t matter how old you are – you never stop having passion for living, performing or expressing just who you are. Meet a group of sassy, colorful women as they prepare for a live performance and all that happens along the way.
7. A mansion explodes massive amounts of water. My First Wedding is a hilarious, romantic comedy about that BIG DAY and all that can go wrong (and sometimes does!). Nominated for 4 Argentinian Academy Awards and one of the highest grossing films in its opening weekend, My First Wedding promises to be a fun time with lots of laughs.
6. One of the most harrowing and inspiring prison stories told in years. The powerful, multiple-award winning documentary, Crime After Crime tells an unforgettable story of the unyielding quest for justice and the relentless drive of the human spirit. You will be gripped by the true story of Deborah Preagler’s dramatic legal battle with an unlikely pair of rookie attorneys (one an Orthodox Jew) fighting to get out of being imprisoned for over a quarter century due to her connection to the murder of an abusive boyfriend. Panel discussion with noted experts to follow – this poignant doc is not to be missed.
5. A boy living with dolphins for four years. Dolphin Boy, winner of two Festival jury awards, is a compelling documentary exploring the havoc bullying and violence can cause to the human spirit and the healing powers of nature and a father’s love.
4. An old guy way too obsessed with his younger beautiful wife. Based on Israeli playwright Edna Mayza’s best-selling novel, this three-time Israeli Academy Award nominated psychological thriller, Naomi, explores the twists, turns and limits of love, obsession, guilt and unlimited devotion. You will be on the edge of your seat as the story of this one unravels!
3. An unlikely friendship after a trashed apartment and a boxing bout. Kaddish for a Friend, is an intense tragicomic drama delving into the clash of religion, culture and age and the discovery of unexpected bonds between the most unlikely of personalities.
2. A French woman placidly sipping coffee in the buff! Official Selection during the 2010 Cannes Film Festival and winner of Best Original Screenplay at the Cesar Awards in 2011, The Names of Love is a quirky romantic comedy about opposites (extreme opposites) attracting each other and all the madness and improbable love that ensues.
1. A six-time Israeli Academy Award nominated film. Mabul follows the complicated life of Yoni as he struggles to prepare for his Bar Mitzvah. In the midst of family crisis, his 17-year-old autistic brother is sent back home further complicating the family’s strained dynamics. Hailed as one of the best Israeli films of the year, Mabul is the closing celebration of this season’s festival….followed by a fun dessert “wrap-party” reception.

Where can you see all this and more? … at this year’s Minneapolis Jewish Film Festival! Meet your friends and come out to see some GREAT Jewish film.

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(Photo: M4tik)