This Passover, a "Fifth Cup" Calling Us To Action on the Marriage Amendment

This is a guest post by Jewish Community Action.

The Fifth Cup

During Passover Jews gather together to celebrate and cherish our story of liberation. We breathe into it our own experiences so that we continue to move “mignut leshevach” from slavery to freedom, from narrowness into God’s wide expanses. We share stories of continued, ongoing struggles for freedom, justice and liberation. We affirm that each generation has a role in telling the story of our past and creating our shared future.
This year, Minnesota voters will be asked to decide whether or not marriage should be constitutionally defined as between one man and one woman exclusively.
As a partner in the Minnesotans United for All Families campaign, Jewish Community Action along with Rabbis, synagogues, communal organizations, and institutions are engaging the Jewish community and state to “Vote No”.
To ensure that Minnesota does not become the 30th state to enshrine this discriminatory amendment into our constitution, we are having conversations about our shared values across generations and faiths. Just as the telling of our story of liberation is critical to our Pesach ritual, sharing our story about why we care about this amendment as Jews will be critical to defeating the proposal in November.
To help start these important conversations we invite you to supplement your Seder with questions and personal stories about how the proposed constitutional amendment would affect us and people we care about.
Click here for Jewish Community Action’s Haggadah Insert that includes a creative reinterpretation of the “Four Children” and a “Fifth Cup” calling us to action.
Click here to read the Minnesota Rabbinical Association statement opposing the amendment.
To get involved in the campaign to defeat the proposed constitutional amendment contact Gabe Kravitz ([email protected]) or Adele Brown ([email protected]), or call 651.632.2184.
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