Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Twin Cities' Yom Ha’atzmaut Walk for Israel

This is a guest post by Barb Adelman, Israel Program Specialist/Director of Recruitment at the Minneapolis Jewish Federation.

Did you know that the Minneapolis and St. Paul Jewish communities will come together in St. Louis Park on Sunday, April 29 to celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israeli Independence Day?  Want to know why YOU should come? Here are the…

Top Ten Reasons to Attend the Twin Cities’ Yom Ha’atzmaut Walk for Israel!

  1. You love Israel and want to show your support without having to attend a 3-day conference on one of the coasts.
  1. St. Paul shlicha Roni Levin has spent countless hours attempting to perfect the Morrocan Jewry theme of the event, including the production of over 1,000 mufleta by hand.
  1. You can finally get that “Ima” Hebrew tattoo you’ve always wanted from the Henna artist in our Israeli shuk.
  1. You already spend every Sunday trying to figure out where Rabbi Sim Glaser will be playing his guitar. We’ve made it easy for you; On Sunday, April 29th he’ll be kicking off the Walk for Israel with HaTikvah!
  1. The painted doves from Israel at 60 will be there.
  1. There is no better way to experience the suffering of our ancestors wandering the desert for 40 years than to walk the 1.7 mile from Nelson Park to the Sabes Jewish Community Center.
  1. There will be musicians playing Sephardic music, and if you were at Yemen Blues you know what kind of crazy that can be.
  1. Blue and White are the “best colors with your skintone”.
  1. As you approach 60, you can rest comfortably with the knowledge that Israel will always be older than you.
  1. While it’s less safe than an El Al airplane, let’s face it: attending the Walk for Israel is cheaper and easier than actually going to Israel.
Want more information about the Twin Cities’ Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations?  Here goes…
Activities will include a walk, musical entertainment, a marketplace and traditional Moroccan food.  A Solidarity Walk will kick off the festivities – rain or shine – at 1 p.m. in Nelson Park, next to Peter Hobart Elementary School, 2500 Georgia Avenue South in St. Louis Park. Participants will walk along the North Cedar Lake Regional Trail ending at the Minneapolis Sabes Jewish Community Center (JCC), 4330 Cedar Lake Road South. The celebration will continue at the Sabes JCC – inside and outside – with music, dancing and activities for children of all ages.
Free parking with shuttle service to all events will be available at Benilde-St. Margaret’s (Mpls), Beth El Synagogue (SLP) and Temple of Aaron (St. Paul).  Shuttle service will run from 12pm – 4pm, completely ceasing by 4:30 PM. The only parking available at the Sabes JCC will be for those displaying handicap parking permits.
The event is free and open to the public. For information regarding volunteering or event logistics please Click Here. See you there!