Spend This Simchat Torah Surrounded by Jewish Singles… in Israel!

This is a guest post by Rhoda Levin who lives in New York City for the past 34 years – a transplant from South Africa – and acknowledges that she is a true New Yorker!  She works as a manager for a real estate broker on the Upper West Side of NYC.

Israel awaits.

Join the International Jewish Singles 30s-50s Israel Tour October 4-14, 2012! It’s not your usual trip! See Israel like you’ve never experienced it before! Innovative and sensational, specifically designed with YOU in mind.
The team will be at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv to meet and greet you on Thursday, October 4th, 2012 with tea, coffee, croissants and fresh orange juice. Transfer to Tel-Aviv hotel and check-in. Catch up on some well deserved rest, and the rest of the day at leisure. Then let’s begin!
We start with a visit to the ancient Crusader port of Caesarea and wander around the ruins. See the way lives were conducted: public baths, mineral spas, and visit the ancient amphitheatre that is used for rock concerts to this day. Savor wine-tasting at the Tishbi winery, home of numerous international award-winning wines, and lunch at their delightful restaurant. Take in the beautiful gardens of the Baron Edmond Rothschild mausoleum and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of the Carmel coast. The visit includes an easy, pleasant circular hiking trail.
Wind your way along the Tel Aviv coastline and valleys to Northern Israel where there is a relaxing hike of the Banias trail, the source of the Jordan river.
Experienced guides take you on an exciting Jeep tour, climbing up to the Golan Heights in style with spectacular views over the Hula Valley. Continue to an observation point overlooking Syria with fascinating views of the Golan. Descend to the south of the Golan Heights and luxuriate in the natural hot springs of the beautiful Hamat Gader Spa. Dine on the shores of Lake Kinneret. A relaxing cruise on the Kinneret with good wine, beautiful music and some Israeli folk dancing closes the evening.
Safed is next for a tour along the path of famous Rabbis, who lived there some 500 years ago and composed much of the Jewish literature which the Jewish people follow even today. Visit the source of Kabbalah learning. Enjoy gift shopping in the markets.
The Galilee is famous for its wine, so prepare yourself for a visit to an unusual winery – discover how they make wine from pomegranates!! Driving through the Jordan Valley, our next stop is Jerusalem!
Upon arrival at Jerusalem, stop at an observation point overlooking this glorious city to say Shehecheyanu with wine and bread to celebrate a first glance of Jerusalem. Jewish pilgrims have done this for thousands of years before us – we just continue the tradition.
Join the circles of dancers, erev Simchat Torah at the Kotel, celebrating the end of the reading of the Torah. On the day of Simchat Torah, take a walking tour of the Old City of Jerusalem – the way Jewish pilgrims have done every Sukkot for the past 2000 years. Through the narrow streets of the Old City wind your way to the Jewish holiest of holies, the Kotel, where Solomon built the first temple and where Babylon’s returning Jews built the Second Temple.
Visit the different quarters of the Old City with their magnificent churches and mosques, experience the aromas of the spices and enjoy the hawking of the vendors trying to convince you to part with your money. The locals in their traditional garb alongside the tourists all blend into a fascinating mixture which is Jerusalem. You must visit Nachlaot, the first jewish area outside the old city.
You’ll have time for a snack and a nap and get ready for a night out – it’s Party Time – JERUSALEM SINGLES EVENING – at a hot restaurant/bar with live music!!!!
The Yad Vashem Museum and Mount Herzl Memorial is the next historical visit. Afterwards, browse the Machaneh Yehuda Market to experience the vibrant and colorful mixture of cultures and cuisines. Smell and taste delicacies from all over the world. Meet fourth and fifth generation Jerusalemites and taste their delicious food on our market restaurant tour.
Jerusalem dinner at Darna – an authentic Moroccan Restaurant…meet your host Ilan Sibony from Marrakesh, see traditional belly dancing and enjoy the excellent cuisine.
On descending to the lowest spot on earth… The Dead Sea, see the beautiful nature reserve and desert oasis of Ein-Gedi and enjoy a hike with swimming options.
Continuing on to Massada, a world heritage site, learn about the Jews and their history during the Roman era and what led them to such a dramatic end.
Don’t forget about floating on the Dead Sea…. bring your crossword puzzle – and also relish the mud!!
One of Israel’s most beautiful observation points and best kept secrets is a treasure to behold…. overlooking the phenomena which is unique to Israel – the maktesh (the crater). Enjoy the beautiful view and sense the power of the desert.
Generations ago they were nomads, but today they no longer wander around the desert. They are the Bedouins, and today you will enjoy their traditional hospitality, break bread, drink coffee and tea with them and listen to their music while learning about their life and traditions in the desert. Modern farmers come to the desert to look for silence and open space. They build farms and live a unique way of life.
Next stop is one of these farms to see and taste the wonderful products of their desert agriculture. Visit a local winery and you must be wondering – do they actually grow grapes in the desert? They sure do !! And the wine is fabulous.

Again, relax and prepare for a night out in this exciting city that never sleeps – Tel Aviv!!

It’s Party Time Again – Singles Happening at Night!!! – Exclusive Hot spot!

Moving along, enjoy a tour of the ancient city of Jaffa, with beautiful old buildings, art galleries and fabulous views of the Tel-Aviv coastline followed by a walking tour of Tel Aviv’s first neighborhood, Neve Tzedek, populated by trendy coffee shops, bars, boutiques, artists and multi millionaires.

A Friday in Tel-Aviv is not complete without spending time in the Carmel Market and its neighboring Nachalat Binyamin and the bohemian Sheinkin street where the Tel-Aviv arts & crafts market takes place. Afterwards, a visit to the “Tachana” – Tel Aviv’s newly revamped Ottoman era train station, complete with funky coffee shops, restaurants and an organic farmers market, is necessary. Finally, relax on the beautiful beaches of Tel Aviv, and do some last minute shopping at the
Old Port of Tel Aviv, or visit the busy malls that Tel Aviv has to offer. Stroll the promenade like a local and enjoy the plethora of coffee shops, juice bars and gift shops.
Farewell dinner at the Irish pub on the Herzlia Marina. Enjoy a last fling with the locals, dance the night away to live music..!!
This is a synopsis of an incredible tour designed specifically for Jewish Singles 30s-50s. Such a trip – so come already!

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