Adam Greenberg: The Jewish Moonlight Graham?


Adam Greenberg, when he played for the Bridgeport Bluefish

Field of Dreams is my favorite movie of all time. It’s one that I can watch anytime – no matter where I am or what time it might be.
And in some ways (both directly and indirectly), I can relate to this piece of fiction interspersed with real-life stories of faith, disappointment, and redemption. I would be the idiot who plows under his corn to build a baseball field.
But of the many characters and plot lines, the one that most everyone can relate to is the tale of Archibald “Moonlight” Graham (played by Burt Lancaster). Graham was a real guy who played in one major league game in 1905 – and never came to bat. His entire career consisted of two half innings of defense. Graham became a legendary figure in the small town of Chisholm, Minnesota – because he was the town doctor. (Personal side note for those who doubt the story – my wife’s relative, now deceased, grew up in Chisholm and Graham was his childhood doctor. Yes, a Jew in Chisholm.) So in the movie, after Doc Graham gets his one at-bat,  he sees what his life’s purpose is – to care for the sick. And he’s ok with that.
Let’s fast forward almost exactly 100 years after Moonlight Graham’s only big league appearance. In 2005, a scrappy Jewish kid named Adam Greenberg was called on to pinch hit for the Chicago Cubs. It would be his major league debut and his career would end with one 92 MPH fastball to the head. Things have changed since 1905 and while Archie Graham moonlit in medical school, Adam Greenberg hasn’t stopped in his attempt to get one legitimate at bat in the big leagues. For the last 7 years, he has toiled in the lowest of minor leagues while battling dizzy spells, vision problems, and other ailments related to his beaning.
Adam Greenberg is now 31-years-old. He wants one at bat in the big leagues.
A documentary filmmaker and die-hard Cubs fan is trying to make that happen. Matt Liston has started a campaign to get Greenberg that one at bat. The Cubs are one of the worst teams in baseball – there is no reason they can’t give the guy one at bat at the end of the season. No reason at all.
Watch this video:

One At Bat from Triple Threat TV on Vimeo.

Everyone deserves a chance to live their dream, so let’s see how many Jewfolk can sign the petition to get Adam Greenberg One At Bat.

(Photo: Paul Hadsall)