NECHAMA Hurricane Response Volunteer Opportunity

This is a guest post by NECHAMA: The Jewish Response to Disaster.
Hurricane Isaac’s wind and floodwater battered communities in Mississippi and Louisiana over the course of multiple days. NECHAMA is on the scene helping people restore their homes. In some neighborhoods water is still receding and roads are just becoming accessible.
We are officially announcing the acceptance of volunteers and donations to support our important and time-sensitive work.

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Hurricane relief. With Dan Hoeft.

Initially we are focused on assisting Jackson County and other hurricane-affected communities in southern Mississippi with flood cleanup, clearing damaged trees, and temporary roof repairs. These volunteer services offered by NECHAMA will support ongoing recovery efforts across Southern Mississippi. NECHAMA continues to be in regular contact with our voluntary organization partners working in Louisiana and anticipates assisting communities there as well.
We are planning on working in Mississippi and Louisiana until Sept. 14, 2012. We have established a base of operations in Biloxi, MS, a coastal community with a history of welcoming volunteers from across the country. If in the coming weeks there are still pressing needs to be addressed and if weare able to raise funds to stay longer, we will consider extending our deployment.
Fortunately Hurricane Isaac was no Katrina but for the hundreds of families that are displaced and have suffered damage to their homes as a result of Isaac’s force, NECHAMA’s comfort and aid is critical. Please support our response work by making a donation today.