TC Jewfolk Has The V-Day Bug

redrosesIt’s Valentine’s Day! Do you have a special someone to celebrate with? There are all types of LOVE out there and TC Jewfolk wants to celebrate them all:
Boyfriend/Husband Love:
On Valentine’s Day: Thanks JDate
Girlfriend/Wife Love:
Top 10 Rules if You’re Dating a Jewish Woman on Valentine’s Day
Ask Shuli: What’s a Cupid Cohen To Do?
LGBT Love:
June is the month to show your J-Pride!
Interfaith Love:
Indecision and Intermarriage: A Magic Carpet Tale
Self Love:
5 Types of Single, 10 Ways to Cope on Valentine’s Day
Parental Love:
Minnesota Mamaleh: Crabby- Bad, Gratitute- Good
Love Love:
Minnesota Mamaleh: I Love Valentine’s Day!
Twin Cities Love:
50 Things We Love About Being Jewish In Minneapolis
Jewish Love:
This is, after all, a holiday honoring Saint Valentine. Not exactly a Jewish holiday. But did you know there’s another, Jewish holiday of love? Let these two rabbis explain Tu B’Av…
Valentine’s Day is not a Jewish Holiday
Ask Rabbi Zalman…
And so much more!
(Photo: Charles Sporn)