Get Funding For Your Art Project From Rimon

rimon-grantThis is a guest post by David Harris, Executive Direction of Rimon.
Are you a writer, dancer, playwright, visual artist, or filmmaker? Are you thinking about an arts project that could use some extra financial support?
Rimon: The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council is accepting grant proposals in its spring round of funding for arts-related projects. Grants provide limited financial support up to $3000 and cannot exceed 50% of a project’s budget. For example, if the poetry slam you want to produce is going to cost $3500, you can ask Rimon for support up to $1750.
The deadline to submit an application is March 15, 5 p.m. If you think you have an idea or aren’t sure if your project is eligible, call the Rimon office at 952-381-3449. We’re glad to talk with you about your ideas and even read a draft of your application for feedback, if it arrives at least a week before the deadline.
Don’t think you have a chance? You’ll never know if you don’t try. Forty-seven projects have received funding since Rimon began its Project Support granting program in 2005. Every kind of art form has found support from Rimon, including both early career and well-established artists.
Rimon also offers other forms of support to a project. Sometimes the thing an artist needs is help with marketing and community outreach. In other situations, an artist (or institution) needs specialized help to implement the project. Rimon is also great at creating collaborative partnerships.
Is this kind of support going on in every community? Hardly! Rimon’s wide-ranging assistance to Jewish artists has been drawing high-profile, national attention lately. Rimon, which is an initiative of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation, was selected in both 2011 and 2012 by Slingshot, a resource guide for Jewish innovation, as one of the 50 most innovative Jewish non-profits in North America.
For more information or to obtain an application and proposal guidelines, log on to or contact [email protected] .
David Jordan Harris is the Executive Director of Rimon: The Minnesota Jewish Arts Council. He has worked as a musician and writer in every region of the United States but is proud to call Minnesota home.