Rye Deli Keeping It Fresh

Leora with Rye Deli Co-Owner David Weinstein, sporting TC Jewfolk's new "Ya, sure ... Jew Betcha" T-shirts

Leora with Rye Deli Co-Owner David Weinstein, sporting TC Jewfolk’s “Ya, sure … Jew Betcha” T-shirts

So you might have heard that TC Jewfolk is having a brunch on March 10th at Rye Deli. It’s free and it’s open to anyone – Jewish or not.
It also got me thinking that I haven’t written about Rye in over a year. I’m not going to review it again and I’m not going to talk about its food.
I’m just glad that Rye has gotten over that freshman year hump. Some ridiculous percentage of restaurants close within 1 year, so it is no small feat. Couple that with some extremely poor early — Mr. Zimmern’s being the most harsh and most read — and Rye had a pure uphill battle. So congrats to Rye on still being in business and congrats on continuing to improve.
When I first reviewed Rye, it was criticized by the kosher mafia for not being Jewish enough. I took personal offense, as a treyf loving Jew, and fired back that Rye opened as a Jewish deli — not Jewish-style. Also the phrase “Jewish-style” is just plain stupid. If Rye was “Jewish-style” because it’s not kosher, then I (as in my Judaism) must only be “Jewish-style”. Anyway, that argument is over because Rye is plenty Jewish and we all know it.
So here goes my Top 5 reasons that Rye Deli is super Jewy even though it’s not kosher.

  1. Yiddish Thursdays. There really isn’t much more to say — I don’t know of any non-Jewish establishments that reward customers for knowing the language.
    jeff's bro

    David Mandell

  2. The major holidays are celebrated with food – as we Jews tend to do. So you can pick up your hamantashen for Purim and your sufangiyot for Hanukkah.
  3. They’re mensches in social media and in person.
  4. The owner, David Weinstein, is my own brother’s doppleganger (both named David, both attorneys by trade, both deli lovers, same height, same build, etc.)
  5. And of course, Rye Deli is the unofficial TC Jewfolk party headquarters.

So Mazel Tov to Rye.

Hey, have you heard?

TC Jewfolk is hosting a brunch at Rye, a week from today! Come down to Rye Deli on Sunday, March 10th at 10am for some free food, on us. Bring your friends, bring yourself, bring that cute guy/girl you’re trying to impress, whatever! Be careful though, Daylight Savings kicks in that morning!
Check out the Facebook event for more details. And please, RSVP!