JCA’s Seeds of Justice Fellowship Gives Youths A Chance To Get Involved

Groups-6This is a guest post by Nora Kassner
This summer, Jewish Community Action is re-launching the Seeds of Justice Fellowship, which introduces local youth to community organizing and social justice work. The Seeds of Justice Fellowship is about creating connections between social justice and Jewish ethics, culture, and history; discovering the intersection of social justice, art, and culture in the Twin Cities; connecting with other young people interested in making a better world; learning from social-justice-minded community leaders, organizers, scholars, activists, and artists; and experiencing real life campaign work with a local social justice organization.
One of Jewish Community Action’s core beliefs is that all people—regardless of age and background—must work collectively to repair a world that is broken. Therefore, JCA makes it a point to engage the local Jewish community’s youth, and develop the next generation of leaders—leaders who will work together, with respect and compassion, to make a better and more just Minnesota. Part of that work is done through the Seeds of Justice Fellowship, helping to cultivate a powerful youth voice for social and economic justice in Minnesota.
JCA youth are tired of hearing that they cannot create change until they are old enough to vote. To prove the cynics wrong, JCA’s young leaders have taken stands on issues ranging from the freedom to marry to immigration reform, and are developing skills they can use to create change now, not in a few years. One such activist, Della Kurzer-Zlotnick, knows the importance of creating a powerful youth voice: “To me, it is not enough to simply be sad and angry that the world is so tormented…We all need to ­act. Change has never come about on its own.” In the Seeds of Justice Fellowship next year, Della and others will have an opportunity to act and create change while learning and growing together as a community of young organizers.
Groups-5Founded in 2009, the Seeds of Justice Fellowship creates opportunities for youth to take part in the grassroots movements and legislative processes that shape their world. After a two-year hiatus, JCA is excited to re-launch this fellowship and create even more opportunities for youth engagement.
The 2013-14 fellowship will begin in August 2013 and run through May 2014. Applications are now being accepted, with a priority deadline of June 3, 2013. To download and complete an application, please visit the JCA website at http://www.jewishcommunityaction.org. Mail or email completed applications to Jesse Rothman or Nora Kassner, 2375 University Ave. W., Suite 150, St. Paul, MN 55114.
Nora Kassner is a community organizing intern at Jewish Community Action. She promises that, in true Jewish fashion, no one will leave a Seeds of Justice meeting hungry. She can be reached at [email protected] or 651-632-2184.