A Personal Story About Food For Your Soul, A Benefit for Sholom

FFYS under 40s picThis is a guest post by Lisa Rothstein, a Food For Your Soul Under 40s Committee Member.
On a very hot day in the summer of 2010, my family gathered at my grandma’s apartment to pack everything up into a moving van and moved my grandma into the new Weinberg Apartments connected to the Shaller Family Sholom East campus. This day was not only significant for the fact that my grandma was moving out of a place where we had celebrated many holidays and a place she had called home for more than a decade, but also marks the day that my Aunt asked me to be on a committee for a new event that Sholom was trying to launch. Little did I know that saying yes to this committee would deepen my connection to Sholom and be a very rewarding experience for me.
As I sat down at the first of many Food for Your Soul committee meetings, I reflected on my relationship with Sholom. My paternal great-grandparents moved into the old Sholom East when they were both in their 90s. My maternal grandparents moved from Grand Forks, North Dakota to their new home at Knollwood Place Apartments when I was in middle school. And now my only living grandparent was at Sholom again.
I realized how incredibly fortunate my family has been to have a place like Sholom in our community. I was grateful to know that we have this resource that takes such great care of our grandparents, will likely take care of many of our parents, and someday will take care of our generation as well. It became clear to me that it is very important for me to be involved in connecting my generation to Sholom now and to not take it for granted.
As the first Food for Your Soul event developed, there was a lot of skepticism if this type of event could work in the Twin Cities community. Entering its 3rd year, we can honestly say YES! Food for Your Soul is not your average fundraiser. It is an evening filled with friends, good food and intriguing guests. Food for Your Soul is a night of 20+ privately-hosted, intimate dinners at host homes that each features a separate Special Guest. The host provides a nice dinner and the Special Guest is invited to enjoy dinner with the small group. For those of us under 40, there are 5 homes devoted to our generation with a base ticket price of $50 (compared to $150 for the general tickets). You can choose to attend a home based on the Special Guest, the host home, or based on where your friends are going.
This year Special Guests for the Under 40s homes include: Jason and Alexis – myTalk 107.1, Phil Loadholt – Offensive Tackle for the Minnesota Vikings, Jodi Livon – a Psychic Medium & Author, Todd Walker – Fox 9 Reporter, Matt Brickman – Co-Host of WCCO-TV Saturday Morning Show & “Best of Minnesota” Series and Mirra Fine & Daniel Klein – The Perennial Plate, Adventures in Sustainable Eating. There is truly something for everyone.
Join us on Thursday, June 20th. Register for the 3rd Food for Your Soul by June 1st to participate in a unique and fun event that will support Sholom, our grandparents, our parents and someday…