Travel To Israel With Temple Israel

TC Jewfolk4Israel, a place so foreign and yet so familiar, a place so far away, but always in our thoughts, a place we love even if we have never been. No place or experience makes us feel more connected to our people and our tradition, than going to Israel. Sociologists say that trips to Israel help to keep Jews Jewish. First timers return from their trips and tell everyone that being in Israel helped them to realize what it means to belong to a community, awakened their views of what it means to be a Jew, and helped them connect to Judaism.
That is what is so incredible about Israel. When we travel to most foreign countries we take in the unusual sights and sounds, trying to adapt to the strangeness, and overcome the little anxieties that may nag at us and let us know we are out of comfort zone. When we travel to Israel, we step off the plane and we feel safe, warm, comfortable — Home. We are excited to hear the language of our people all around us. We recognize the alphabet, usually reserved for only our most sacred places, now part of the routine. We are proud to see the mezuzot adorned to the doorpost of the restaurants, shops, hotel rooms. We resist the urge to hug every young Israeli soldier we see, protecting our extended Jewish family. We are thrilled to walk around on Friday afternoon wishing everyone “Shabbat Shalom.”
TC Jewfolk2Yes, Israel can also be a strange, foreign feeling place! But even the unusual may be familiar. We may not personally keep kosher, yet there is something very cool about all of the Kosher restaurants. Though the garb and customs of the religious may be highly dissimilar to our own practice, we cannot help but be curious about their lifestyle and choices. And all of this is in a country with miles of awesome Mediterranean beachfront and world class night life! We do not feel that we are going back to the shtetle in Israel, but that we are a part of a very progressive country that continually makes headlines for its innovation. The best part about traveling to Israel is that everyone connects to this rich place in their own way, each time they visit.
For all of these reasons and more Temple Israel wants all of our young members to have the opportunity to travel to Israel and explore its rich culture and history. That is why we are partnering with Kesher Birthright to offer a FREE Birthright trip of Minnesotans 22-26 over winter break! We invite you to come and get to know Israel; learn about the ancient history in Jerusalem, understand the founding of the modern State and see the world class city that has emerged in Tel Aviv, float on the Dead Sea, reflect in the desert, and understand the commitment of our people that has made the desert bloom. We hope that you will join us! For more information please contact Rabbi Gertman at [email protected] or on Facebook at RabbiJen Gertman.