You're Invited: Its Time to Dash!

dreidel dash chairs

Dreidel Dash co-chairs Jacy Grais and Neil Fink

During elementary school, I vividly recall participating, every year, in the standardized presidential fitness testing in gym class.  I enjoyed many parts of it, and liked to compare my results with the previous year.  The exception, however, was the 1-mile run, which I dreaded.  DREADED.  I didn’t seem to have the stamina for it.  My parents and P.E. teachers told me to pace myself.  I tried that, along with any other tips that came my way, but to no avail.  I just couldn’t do it – I consistently ran out of steam before the mile was done.  I was regularly active in gymnastics, but told myself that running just wasn’t “my thing.” A late diagnosis of asthma explained my earlier challenges, but those elementary school running experiences left me with a sour taste for running, and perhaps even a fear of it.
Fast forward 25 years later and I’ve just completed my first marathon. It was an incredibly positive experience for so many reasons.
On its heels, I’m so pleased to be co-chairing the St. Paul JCC and Sabes JCC Dreidel Dash, along with my longtime friend Neil Fink. The event is on Sunday, December 8, and includes a 5k race, a 10k, the Maccabbee mini-mile, and a post-dash bash. What a fun way to bring our Minneapolis and St. Paul Jewish community together and provide an opportunity to heat up on a cold winter day as we conclude the Festival of Lights.
There will be something for everyone. You can run, walk, gallivant or stroll.  And if the Minnesota elements aren’t “your thing,” then the post-dash bash has your name written all over it.  There is no cost for the bash and everyone is welcome.
To register and for more information, go to:
See you there!