Is That Poop or Chocolate? A Motherhood Top 10

Inspired by the words of friend and fellow parent Joel Feder as he blogged about the “10 Life Lessons of Being A Parent” that he has learned as of Day 4 of being a parent, I had to write my top 10 life lessons gleaned from my baby Madeline’s first year.

Top Posts of 2013

Our top posts by month from 2013. Posts from Rabbi Latz, Carin Mrotz, Sharon Rosenberg-Scholl and more!

Watch the Tzedakah Bowl, LIVE!

TC Jewfolk is livestreaming the Tzedakah Bowl, the annual flag football event at the Metrodome on Christmas Day. This year there’s Ultimate frisbee too, and barring technical difficulties, we’ll be there for all of it. We’ve got iPads and computers and commentators all at the ready. Watch the whole thing or check in for five […]

Gets, Goats and Jewish Divorce

As we came closer to the Get ceremony, my misgivings blossomed into full-blown dread. I started thinking about ways to sabotage it; coming down with chicken pox or lying about a sick mother and going to visit her.