10 Life Lessons Of Being A New Parent

So … it’s day four of being a parent. Time to share some lessons I’ve learned:

Joel and Baby Raya, age 13 hours

Joel and Baby Raya, age 13 hours

1. Changing a diaper really isn’t a big deal. Seriously.
2. Newborns are needy. They are insanely draining both emotionally and physically.
3. Going in thinking you’ll be back to work after 3 days is hilarious.
4. You probably shouldn’t send work emails while so tired you’re delirious as you will likely make errors.
5. Sleep. LOL
6. You will have poop on your hands at some point. It’s just going to happen. And when it does, you really won’t even care.
7. Accept help when offered. Don’t be a superhero.
8. Babies smell good.
9. Hearing your own baby cry is much less annoying than hearing other people’s babies cry. In fact, it’s more heart-breaking and you will want to fix the problem.
10. Babies are a lot of work, but after a mere four days I can absolutely say it’s worth it.

New (or old) parents out there – anything you’d add?  Any tips for the next 18+ years? Or just the next few weeks?

This is a guest post by new daddy Joel Feder, Social Media Manager for High Gear Media. Born in St. Louis Park, MN, now living in Portland, Oregon. He’s obsessed with cars, marketing, technology, and Apple.  Follow him @joelfeder.