Raise A Glass With Us & Celebrate Our Engagement!

To all our followers, readers, podcast listeners, members and supporters: we cannot thank you sincerely enough. Thanks to your participation and support, we just celebrated our NINTH (!!!!) birthday.

We believe in the power of connection to ignite powerful and meaningful engagement. And this past year, thanks to all of you, we’ve been able to put this belief into action like never before.

In 2018, we have transformed from an online and digital media focused organization to an In Real Life (IRL) engagement organization. Engagement, connection, and impact is what we are celebrating as we turn nine:

  • Did you attend the CD 5 Congressional Candidate Forum on August 6th? Over 1,000 people did and thousands more watched our live-stream. We made that happen together – from the moms who started a discussion in our private Minnesota Mammalehs Facebook group to our staff who initiated conversations with strategic community partners to create, plan, and hold the forum. The impact has been palpable as many who attended let us know that the forum helped them decide how to vote.
  • JLink hosts monthly meet-ups and a quarterly speaker series and continues to add to the more than 500 members each month. Members have found jobs, employees and contractors through JLink. The impact is building as the group grows and it’s incredible to see the professional connections and networks develop, both online and IRL.
  • Our Key Engagement Fellowship has launched and has six energetic fellows meeting, learning, and discussing how to connect and meet the needs of Jews who want to put a little Jewish in their life, but don’t quite know how to do so. Their nine-month-long fellowship has already begun to impact each of their Jewish lives.
  • Mammalehs’ Summer Shabbats in the Parks were a big a hit. We hosted 4 Shabbats, partnered with other Jewish community organizations, connected with old friends and made many new friends. We even picked up some Shabbat-enthusiastic Jews in the parking lot! New relationships always have the biggest impact.

Will you toast to all the connections we’ve made and the ones we’ll soon be making with a contribution to power our work? We need your generous support to keep connecting Jews to the community, the community to Jews and Jews to one another.

Want a TC Jewfolk pint glass? If you give a sustaining gift of $15 a month, we’ll gift you a set of two and take you out for a beer to thank you in person.

Thanks for all you do. What we do would not be possible without you!