So, Now What?

So, you’ve met a nice Jewish boy… now what?

  1. Immediately start planning out the Jewish holidays. Determine which you’ll spend with his family and which with yours. Maybe give him Purim and Tu B’Shvat because your family goes big for all the major holidays, and how could you miss that?
  2. Mentally run through your trips for the next year because now you have a built-in pet-sitter to watch your cat, Roger. Whew! No more paying excessive amounts of money for pet-sitters.
  3. Plan out the wedding. You know your 9 Must-Have bridesmaids; he should be able to find 9 guys for his groomsmen. Plus he’ll include your 4 male cousins, right?
  4. Decide on your house. Of course, he has the same dream house in mind as you do because #twins
  5. Speaking of house, geography matters. Minneapolis. No questions asked.
  6. Become members of a synagogue. Together. Obviously, you’re joining yours because that’s where your family goes, and you can’t break up tradition.
  7. Create your 10-step, super undercover plan, where he starts keeping Kosher without even realizing it.
  8. Pick out children’s names! Well, you already have them picked out; you need to name all 3 after your dead relatives… He can have middle names maybe?
  9. Speaking of kids… they’ll obviously go to your alma mater. Which means you need to start saving like, now.
  10. I guess you should probably meet him…