Blue Ribbon Challah

I would venture to say that winning a blue ribbon at the Minnesota State Fair for challah is akin to winning a medal at the Jewish Food Olympics. I have entered many times over the years, but this, this was my year. And for all the tweaking I’ve done, I’m quite pleased – this recipe […]

Who The Folk?! Cantor Ben Tisser

What’s it like to start at a new synagogue just in time for the High Holidays? Beth El Synagogue’s newest clergy member, Cantor Ben Tisser is learning all about the traditions that he’s walking into as he replaces Cantor Audrey Abrams. We talk about taking over from the venerable Cantor Abrams, starting High Holiday preparations […]

Talmud Torah of St. Paul Welcomes Sho Garland as New Executive Director

The Talmud Torah of St. Paul (TTSP) Board of Directors is excited to announce Sho Garland as the new Executive Director of TTSP. They will succeed Barry Glaser, who is retiring after over 11 years leading the organization as volunteer CEO.  Prior to joining TTSP, Garland worked in several roles ranging from community building and engagement […]

Parenting By Parsha: Ki Tavo

Getting a toddler to do what you want them to do is an art form I’m still perfecting. Actually, I have serious doubts about whether I will ever get it right, but I aim to sometimes win one or two skirmishes a day. Like, maybe this time the teeth will get brushed without too much […]

Twistees, Technology, and T’shuva: An Elul Reflection

A new word has entered our popular lexicon courtesy of the Olympics and Simon Biles: a twistee. A twistee occurs when a gymnast experiences a lack of alignment between their body and their mind in executing a gymnastic routine. Biles experienced this in the preliminary warm-ups of the team gymnastics competition in the Tokyo games. […]

More Than A High Holiday Mailer

I just spent two hours with my synagogue’s High Holiday guide which arrived in the mail last week. Two. Hours. Longer than any Pottery Barn catalog I’ve memorized, and I’ve cuddled up with many over the years. I smelled the pages like I would a well-loved, dog-eared Nancy Drew novel in my Grandma’s musty attic. […]

Prime Deli Closing Soon; Stewart Woodman Helming Revamped Project

Prime Deli, St. Louis Park’s lone kosher meat restaurant, announced that it would be closing around Aug. 31 for a renovation project and a new restaurant concept, helmed by notable chef and restaurateur Stewart Woodman. “We’re working with a designer from New York and a local architect to bring the next evolution of of the […]

Who The Folk?! Alene Sussman

Alene Sussman grew up the poster child for what it was like to be a young person engaged in the Jewish community. So what was it that drove her away from it, and then brought her back? On this week’s Who The Folk?! Podcast, Sussman — now the executive director of the Jewish Community Foundation […]

Jewish Job: Herzl Camp Hiring Executive Director

Job Title: Executive Director Organization Name: Herzl Camp Job Type: Full-time Salary Range: $130,000-$160,000 Deadline: Open Until Filled Job Summary/Description: Herzl Camp is a welcoming, independent camp where young people become self-reliant, create lasting Jewish friendships, and develop commitment and love for Judaism and Israel. Herzl Camp creates a vibrant Jewish community of future leaders. […]