Fundraising For Ukraine With A Lullaby

The Nightingale Trio, an all-woman vocal group in Minnesota that sings Eastern European songs, is giving all proceeds from their cover of a beloved Ukrainian lullaby to the Ukrainian American Community Center in Minneapolis. 

“​​We’re all heartbroken and incensed by Russia’s mindless invasion into the beautiful country and sovereign nation of Ukraine, and we demand that the offensive ends immediately,” the trio wrote on Facebook.

The trio discovered Oy Khodyt’ Son Kolo Vikon [Oh, Sleep Walks By The Windows] when a listener posted about the lullaby on one of their youtube videos. The listener said that their grandmother used to sing it to them.

“We love this song,” the trio posted. “May every child be able to sleep peacefully and safely tonight, and wake with memories of sweet dreams and a warm safe home.”


The Dream passes by the window and meets Sleep by the fence. The Dream asks Sleep: “Where should we rest tonight?” 

“Where the house is warm, where the child is small: There we will go, and rock the child to sleep. We’ll put the cat to purr, and the child to nap.” 

Our house is warm; our child is small – Come to us, come to this cradle.