St. Paul Antisemitic Flyers Blame Jews For Gun Safety

An antisemitic flyer that claimed “every single aspect of gun control is Jewish” was allegedly distributed to homes near the Talmud Torah of St. Paul on Monday.

The flyer included imagery of a revolver being crushed in a fist over the Israeli flag and a Star of David opposite a satanic pentagram. Twenty-one Jewish lobbyists, politicians, and lawyers have their photos and bio on the flyer, including Alan Dershowitz and Gabrielle Dee Giffords. 

The flyer distributed in St. Paul (contact information for the hate group at the bottom of the flyer is not being shown)

The flyers are from Goyim TV, a hate group based in Petaluma, California, known for spreading antisemitic materials across different states. 

Goyim TV has frustrated news organizations that have reported on them, like J. the Jewish News of Northern California. On one hand, by committing antisemitic acts, the group requires coverage to inform the Jewish community of their threat and activities.

On the other hand, “it’s clear that media coverage has breathed life into Goyim TV’s propaganda campaign, giving it reach far beyond what it would ever have achieved without it,” the J. noted in a story. “It has created a seemingly endless feedback loop.”

Though the group’s activities are well-documented as deliberately racist and antisemitic, the St. Paul flyer includes a sentence that says, “these flyers were distributed randomly and without malicious intent.”

The flyer was noted in the Reddit group r/TwinCities, where a concerned user posted an image of the flyer and commented, “got this on our back door today. 1943 [sic] here we come. We live near a Jewish school.”

The flyer comes amid a renewed conversation about gun safety laws after several recent mass shootings in the U.S., including at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, that left 19 children and two adults dead and another 18 injured.

Last week, President Joe Biden signed into law the first significant gun safety legislation passed by Congress in almost 30 years created by a bipartisan working group.