Keren Or Featured: Eliah Fink

Eliah Fink, an 11th grader, is one of this year’s Keren Or (Ray of Light) creative arts contest winners. He won 2nd place in 10-12 grade photography for “Blurple.” Here’s a Q&A with him about his work!


What are your creative goals for the year?

To go outside more, and bring my camera with me.

Why did you create the art you did, and what message do you hope people take away from it?

I created it for fun. I was curious and had an idea for a picture, so I took it.

What does creating art mean to you and why is it important to you?

Creating art is putting your thoughts and interpretation into creative work. To me, creating art doesn’t need to be that intensive, it is just thinking about what you make and putting a little bit of your own self into it.