Keren Or Featured: Jesse Posada

Jesse Posada, a 9th grader, is one of this year’s Keren Or (Ray of Light) creative arts contest winners. They won 3rd Place in 7-9 Photography for “Deep Sky.” Here’s a Q&A with them about their work!


What impact does winning Keren Or have on you personally and your work?

I am grateful for the chance to enter this competition, and it makes me want to take even more pictures like the ones that I have already taken.

Why did you create the art you did, and what message do you hope people take away from it?

I took the picture because I thought that it was a good view. The sky looked endless with the clouds looking very synchronous and the sky very blue. I hope people realize that you don’t have to go to famous places to take good and memorable pictures.

What does creating art mean to you and why is it important to you?

It means creating something that has a meaning. It is important because when I take pictures I am saving that view for the rest of my life and I can look back on it and remember that moment.