Keren Or Featured: Leah Smith

Leah Smith, a 9th grader, is one of this year’s Keren Or (Ray of Light) creative arts contest winners. She won 3rd Place in 7-9 grade poetry for “Some Moments.” Here’s a Q&A with her about her work!


What are your creative goals for the year?

I plan to keep writing poems because it makes me feel more whole. I want to try to write more positive poetry.

Why did you create the art you did, and what message do you hope people take away from it?

I hope that people take away the message that life is special and everyone needs to remember the moments that make them feel whole. No matter how hard life gets there are always moments that bring out the greater meaning of your life.

What does creating art mean to you and why is it important to you?

It’s very important because it helps me express myself and makes it easier to tell people how I feel.