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Daci Platt spends 99% of her life explaining her name (it’s short for Hadassah) and 1% adjusting to life in Minneapolis. She and her husband Yoni moved from Louisiana in June 2012 and are still trying to understand the appeal of a hot dish. Daci is a writer at the Minneapolis Jewish Federation and enjoys blogging, laughing, and dancing.

A Glimpse Into Israel’s Booming Film Industry

Indeed, the Israeli film industry has gained remarkable traction in recent years, thanks in part to over $10 million in public funding and international investments the industry has received yearly since 2000. This has led to more opportunities for filmmakers and thus, better films. In 1995, .3% of Israeli moviegoers bought tickets to Hebrew-language cinema. Today, 10% of Israel’s box office sales are for Israeli films.

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Israel, As Told Through Graffiti

The story of Israel is a tumultuous one, and it isn’t always easy to explain. But Heffez stumbled upon graffiti as the perfect storyteller to simplify the narrative without dumbing it down. Heffez spent a year in Israel and the West Bank photographing and translating over 200 pieces of street art. Unsurprisingly, he was met with plenty of roadblocks along the way: tear gas and a broken leg, to name a few.

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