You're Invited: New Jew in Town Late Night Happy Hour!

You know how, in the 90s, your parents let you skip Friday night services and you were so excited to catch brand new episodes of your favorite TGIF shows? And then it turned out that your favorite show (say, Boy Meets World) was just a clip show – a rerun posing as a new episode?
That’s pretty much what this blog post is. welcome
Next month, I will have lived here for a whole year, and sometimes I feel like I’ve moved to a new country. There were new phrases to learn (“sounds good”, “all set”, and “okie dokie smokie” are among the new sayings I’ve grown used to hearing) and new prejudices to adapt to (Minnesotans do NOT like my pit bull mix).
It’s always interesting to hear what other newcomers have picked up on, and some of my favorite conversations I’ve had since moving here are with other newcomers, comparing the little things we’ve noticed about this magical place — things natives would never know are noteworthy.
Are you new here? I would love to talk about the odd or endearing things you’ve noticed about the Twin Cities at the Minneapolis Jewish Federation / TC Jewfolk’s New Jew in Town Late Night Happy Hour next Thursday, May 30 at 8:30 pm at Raku Sushi in the West End. Lived here all your life? Join us to welcome new Jews and give them the inside scoop on your favorite parts of the city!
Check out the Facebook event to RSVP, and while you’re waiting for next Thursday, here are a few other things I’ve learned during my time in Minnesota:

1. Federation young leadership happy hours are not as scary as I thought they might be.
2. Rollerblades still exist.
happyhoursports3. There are parts of the Skyway that should be avoided. (Also, always deadbolt your garage.)
4. Being late for work due to texting IT’S SNOWING!!!! to every single person you know is frowned upon
5. Those trendy barre classes sometimes require actual dance skills.
6. Minnesota is proud of itself – but with good reason.
7. Cara Levin is not Jewish.
8. I have more in common with a suburban mayor than I thought I would.
9. I will win at Jewish geography every. Single. Time.