Holidays Without Their Home

On the morning of Monday, Sept. 9, seeing the burnt and smoking carcass of the 118-year-old Adas Israel synagogue in Duluth, Mike Badden had one immediate reaction. “This is the […]

Christianity In Israel

I never ascribed any real faith to Christianity until I took these two photos, strolling through a tour of the Old City of Jerusalem last October.         […]

Who The Folk?! Zane Gayle

What brought a lifelong Wisconsinite to Minnesota? Zane Gayle saw nothing but opportunities. Gayle recently graduated with a master’s in architecture degree from the University of Minnesota. His master’s project […]

What Kind Of Jews Are In Gen Z?

When it comes to the disruption of modern American Jewish life, no group is more scrutinized than Millennials, the generation roughly between the ages of 18-35. In their lifetimes, the […]