Who The Folk?! Carrie Kleinberger


Carrie Kleinberger grew up in a family where a career in law or medicine was encouraged. But when her job dissolved under her feet after a long career as a […]

Artist’s Lab Explores Shmita Year


When author and Jewish educator Meryll Page started planning for her next artist’s lab, she wasn’t sure what subject to pick. “A lot of times I look to the calendar […]

Jew Review: ‘Hadestown’ at the Orpheum


In the myth, Orpheus is the sweet musician who follows his deceased wife to the underworld, where he begs Hades, King of the Underworld, to let him bring Eurydice back […]

Who The Folk?! Daniel Rosen


Daniel Rosen was sent away to an immersive language camp each summer — basically against his will — to get him away from his family’s farm in northern Minnesota. It […]

Who The Folk?! Claude Riedel


Claude Riedel knows that he’s in a niche field. So niche that by his estimation, he’s the only artist that is exclusively making Ner Tamid. Riedel talks about how he […]

Who The Folk?! Sara Rothholz Weiner


How did Sara Rothholz Weiner go from a film major to working on award-winning projects as an architect? She explains how she merges the left brain/right brain thinking on the […]