Who The Folk?! Daniel Goldschmidt


This week, on the last podcast of 5781, we talk with Daniel Goldschmidt about his new music therapy business, Etude LLC, and how his new practice intersects with race, gender […]

Who The Folk?! Sven Sundgaard


There are only 24 hours in a day, and Sven Sundgaard has enough going on to fill almost all of them. In the first in-person Who The Folk?! Podcast recording […]

Pride 2021 Is Here!


J-Pride will have several offerings throughout June; whether you prefer ritual engagement, educational opportunities, or just hanging out with community, there’s a place for everyone to be loud, proud, and […]

How SVARA Is Making Talmudic Learning Accessible


My first solo outing as a new mom was to a gathering of queer Jews studying Talmud in a heimisch, if simple, room in Brooklyn. It was September 2019, back […]

Who The Folk?! Dudley Deshommes-Kohls


On this week’s Who The Folk?! Podcast, we talk to Dudley Deshommes-Kohls, a black, gay, Jew who is also a nurse in the time of a global health pandemic. Mostly […]

Who The Folk?! Jess Braverman


What takes an attorney from public defender to women’s advocacy work? For Jess Braverman, it very much aligns to why she wanted to become a lawyer in the first place. […]