Who Are U.S. Jews? New Pew Study Takes Deep Dive



In 2013, the Pew study “A Portrait of Jewish Americans” shocked Jewish communal leaders and prompted a mad dash to rework institutional priorities and engage more Jews. The study showed […]

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The Road To Freedom Isn’t An Easy One



dedicate these words to our neighbor George Floyd (z”l), may his memory be for a revolution.  A new Pharaoh rose up over Egypt who knew not Joseph. Now, when we […]

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Show Up In 2021



hile studying abroad in Spain during junior year, I decided to visit a college friend in Egypt and check the pyramids of Giza off my bucket list. There I stood, […]

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Who The Folk?! Enzi Tanner



hat’s it like to be the first person to be hired in a particular position? We find out this week when we talk to Enzi Tanner, the community safety organizer […]

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