Parenting By Parsha: Terumah



Nearly 100 verses (96 to be precise). That’s how many lines of Torah are dedicated, in this week’s parsha, to describing the exact way in which the ark of the covenant should be designed. The text reads like a cross between an instruction manual (“The length of each cloth shall be twenty-eight cubits, and the […]

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Parenting By Parsha: Yitro



In our home, we have a game that we play several times a day, called Click-Pow. The premise is pretty simple. Our toddler is really into clicking the fasteners on the high chair and stroller into place. When they’re secured, he looks at my wife or me with an expectant eyebrow raise. Then we all […]

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Parenting By Parsha: Shemot



This week, Jews around the world will gather to hear the first verses of the book of Exodus, or, in Hebrew, Shemot. Exodus is the second book of the Torah, and (spoiler!) the main event is the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt in chapter 20. Actually, the whole book is full of action-packed moments, […]

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Some Getting A Chance For B’nai Mitzvah On The Bima



Ritual events like Bar and Bat Mitzvah have been part of everyone’s lives that have been disrupted by coronavirus. While most synagogues have remained closed since mid-March, a few have taken a shot at giving families an opportunity to celebrate on the bimah, rather than their dining room. Bet Shalom Congregation has been doing this […]

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Aleinu. It Is On Us.



George Floyd was murdered under the knees of a police officer, along with three accomplices. In many faith traditions, knees are used to bend in reverence to holiness. Reverend Ted Tollefson inspired my sisters and me to write this piece from the Jewish perspective as we head into the festival of Shavuot.  Aleinu. It is […]

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Virus Turning Jewish Rituals Upside Down



Services, classes, and meetings transitioned online with relative ease — often into the multiple screens of Zoom or the live video feature of Facebook. But essential Jewish rituals have not had it so easy.

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